About SiCoDe Software

SiCoDe Software started life in 1998 as a programming group for TI calculators formed by brothers David and Matt. After rising to (relative) fame and eventual obscurity in this form it was reborn ten years later as a programming group developing other software.

Currently we have a couple of Android apps published, a few under heavy development, and we are developing a PC format game.

Contact SiCoDe

To contact SiCoDe, drop us an email at [email protected].

The TI Stuff

Ah you just won't let us forget will you? If you want to know more than you probably ever would want to know about SiCoDe The TI Programming Group, you should probably head over to TiCalc.org where we have a nice memorial page. Please don't ask us to change any of it though because we've lost the login details.